Sherbourne Crime with Inspector Dayle Speed

In Sherbourne and Bablake there has been a recent surge in car theft and burglaries. New cases are reported every day.

The twitter account for the ward (@BablakeSherborn) tweets new cases reported and everyday there is at least one new case reported a day.

Why are there so many car thefts? Well if the tweets are anything to go by cars are being left unlocked over night, with 11 being left unlocked just on one street.

Overall burglaries are down from this time last year with forty less burglaries being reported, however car theft is on the up with no signs of it stopping soon.

There are over 100 crimes reported a month just in the area of Sherbourne with the majority of them being car theft and burglaries.

We spoke to Inspector Dayle Speed who is in charge of Sherbourne ward for tips to keep your home and your cars safe.

In terms of figures Sherbourne is the 12th safest ward to live in out of 21 wards in Coventry, making it relatively safe but it still has relatively high crime numbers.

So remember to check to see if your windows are locked in your homes and for your cars make sure all valuables are hidden away or take them out of the car so that potential thieves are not attracted to your car or home.

Hopefully with the tips that Inspector Dayle Speed has given you will be able to keep your homes and your car safe and less attractive to thieves.


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