Mystery Man Article

A young boy was found in Coventry not knowing his real name or age. He was discovered in the Pool Meadow bus station after catching a bus from London to Coventry, it was here that he sought help when he recognised a language that someone in the bus station was speaking. The young man is thought to be a victim of human trafficking and was put in touch with the Coventry refugee and migrant centre on Bishop Street in the city centre. The young man can speak basic English but can also speak Urdu and Hindi.

Paul Wheeler, of the refugee and migrant centre, said that the centre doesn’t know how long he has been in the UK, the young boy has some memory of being in the UK since he was six because that’s what he was told by “the lady.” He also told the centre that he wasn’t allowed outside and he didn’t go to school. Paul also went on to say that when he was asked about what happened when he was in the house in London with the lady, the young man got very nervous and didn’t say anything else about it. He either doesn’t know or doesn’t want to talk about his past.

Bopinder Basi, The chief executive of the refugee and migrant centre, said that the boy’s case was very unusual as it’s not very often people don’t know what’s happened to them.  He said that in first time in a decade the young man is the first person not to have a story but he did go on to say that it is not unusual for them to receive someone who had significant trauma.

The centre, on average, help over three thousand people a year and their clients come from over seventy different countries and speak over one hundred different languages. The many members of staff work together with lots of different authorities to try and integrate the clients into Coventry’s society

The charity Safeguard, which help the most vulnerable, are now protecting the young man. The centre is also working with the homeland office to try and help him find his identity and his origin.


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