Uni Vs Home

Now I’ve moved back home from uni for the summer it got me thinking about the pros and cons of being in both places, each has it’s positives but which life really is best?

Things that are great about uni:
– I’ve met all these new lovely people who I’ve spent so much time with that they may as well be family.
– I can come and go as I please, as I don’t have to inform anyone when I’m going out, what I’m doing, who I’m seeing etc… so no one will cares if I roll in at 4 in the morning after a heavy night because the chances are my flatmates are the ones stumbling through the door behind me
– I can do whatever I like, so if I want to go to bed in the early hours of the morning and not wake up until late afternoon then I will.
– Total independence, fending for myself
– There is always something going on in a city, I never find it boring as I can always find something to do, even if it is just walking into town and window shopping, it still feels like I’m doing something.
– For the summer I’ve got plenty of places to visit during as I’ve got loads of friends scattered all over the country.

The things that aren’t so great about uni:
– When all my flatmates have assignments to do and need to be locked up away in their rooms, it did get lonely, not like at home as even though you could all be busy you still see and talk to family members where sometimes at uni you can go days without seeing people
– The feeling of running out of my student loan and not being able to do anything that costs money… (unless you got into your overdraft like me but that’s not something I’d recommend)
– Missing family events, like a birthdays, as I had lectures and couldn’t get home

My flatmates

My flatmates

My Course friends

My Course friends

Things that are great about home:

– FREE FOOD, looking in the fridge or the cupboards and they are usually full to the brim with every kind of food imaginable and I haven’t had to pay for any of it!
– Catching up with old friends, yeah we might not stay in contact as much as we used to but when we meet up its like nothing’s changed
– Driving around in my car, I didn’t take my car to uni with me so being back home is great as I can just jump in the car and go somewhere, the possibilities are endless
– I can spend lots of time with my boyfriend as we live close to each other rather than 50 miles apart

Things that I hate about home:
– With no student loan I can’t spend the whole time dossing around doing nothing (Like I did most of the time at uni) I needed to go out get a job, earn some dollar and save for the next year of uni
– I have to do as my parents say so no more lay ins until silly o’clock and no dossing around, I have to be productive.
– You have no choice but to see people you don’t like, with me being in a small village everyone knows everyone and you can’t help but see all the people that you didn’t keep in contact with
– Being in the middle of no where, like I’ve just mentioned I live in a tiny village so it is a bit off the grid with nothing but trees and fields surrounding me.. BORING.

My home friends

My home friend

Me and my boyfriend, Matt

Me and my boyfriend, Matt

Although I’ve got all my comforts back at home, like my car and free food, I really miss uni life. I like not having to rely on my parents for stuff and doing whatever I like, whenever I like. I just really love having my own independence which I feel like I’ve been stripped of now I’m back home. Uni is definitely one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

University life: 1 Home life: 0

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2 thoughts on “Uni Vs Home

  1. kuno says:

    Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was
    funny. Keep on posting!

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