Final letter to self (134MC)

Hello again
So you’ve made it to the end of the first year, you should be so proud of yourself! You’ve managed to survive to the end without killing or majorly injuring yourself (HIGH FIVE)
Although you haven’t done as well as what you’d have liked in your work you have coped quite well with your worst grades being at the time when matt’s dad was in hospital, a very stressful time but again you survived, you made it through and still came out with a pass in 135, I think that’s what you should be most proud of, the time when it’s probably been the most stressful and emotional and you had all this other stuff to cope with, being a support for Matt and yet you still came out with a pass. well done you. As for journalism itself you’ve been presented with so many opportunities to explore different things this year and to your surprise the law module was by far the most difficult but the one you’ve done well in so far, you perhaps won’t end up with the 2:1 you wanted but I like to think that you’ll come pretty close and for the first year that’s fine

You’ve met some truly amazing people from your flat mates to the ‘journo-girls’ even at your most low points you’ve been picked up and carried along by these people and you couldn’t really wish any more from these friends. In this whole year I don’t think you’ve laughed so much, smiled so much and just generally enjoyed your time so much ever in your whole entire life and you’ve got these people to thank.

Sure theres something you wished you’ve done differently but you’ve got to think of the many things you’ve accomplished and the different things you’ve tried, successfully producing many radio shows (with a few minor hiccups) which has now made you think that maybe going into radio for a future career wouldn’t be so bad even though your heart is still set on writing, you’ve learnt how to cook and not given yourself food poisoning, you’ve tried new places to eat and experimented wearing different things that you probably wouldn’t have done if you were at home still and I’m proud of you for making friends on your own considering most of your life you’ve not really had to make friends on your own.

I’m proud you’ve kept your relationship with matt, I mean I know you have had to do this whole uni relationship for matt’s first year already but it’s been different now you’re at uni too and it’s actually made it easier because you know when each other needs space whereas you didn’t understand that last year.

You’ve started on your own in Coventry and ended up as this whole different person with all these experiences and people

One thing you need to look at for second year is budgeting your money so you don’t end up in your overdraft again and perhaps look at using the library, you never know, you might actually check out a book :O

I know I’ve said it a lot in this letter but you should be just so proud of yourself for being the person you are today and making it on your own



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