CUEAFS Vulgaria (2012) review (134MC)

Vulgaria is a film from Hong Kong based on failing film producer To Wai-Cheung (Chapman To Man-chak) who wants to live up to his daughter’s hopes of being interviewed by TVB, a hong kong television network, yet he hasn’t made a hit film and is extremely desperate for money, struggling with divorce payments to his ex-wife he is refused access to his daughter.

He is given a chance when introduced to a Chinese film investor, Tyrannosaurus (Ronald Cheng) with a particular taste in pornographic films. He wants to make a remake of the film Confessions of Two Concubines but wants to use the original actress, Siu Yam-Yam. Tyrannosaurus only agrees to the deal if To does exactly what he is asked.

The film is essentially a set of flashbacks to To producing the film, showing what he went through and the problems he faced but is set at a Q&A with some students asking To about his latest film where he starts to confess to some things that he shouldn’t, which including using a body double, wannabe actress Popping Candy, (Dada Chan) for Siu as she felt she was to old to be a porn star.

The film certainly lives up to the name ‘vulgaria’ with scenes suggesting that To had sex with a mule to oral sex scenes and raunchy jokes, the film overall is quite crude with some of the jokes being hard to understand by someone from a western culture but are probably quite funny for someone from the preferred audience. However the film does deal with the issue of the extent that some fathers will go to, to see their children because after all the only reason To wanted to make this film is so that he could gain money to make the divorce payments to his ex wife so he could see his daughter. Another heart felt issue is To wanting to make his daughter proud and to fulfill her dreams of being on TVB so she can show her school friends her father is a real film producer.

Personally it isn’t my cup of tea as I don’t think the style of a pornographic type film mixes well with the struggle a divorced single parent goes through and the message of a father’s heart felt attempt at making his daughter proud. A good effort at trying comedy but for me ‘Vulgeria’ was a bit too Vulgar. 


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