CUEAFS Green Snake (1993) Review

Green Snake is a Chinese Film by director Tsui Hark is a film based on the story of two snake spirits that have taken human form to experience the things that are only available to humans, such as love, freedom and wisdom.

White snake (Joey Wong) is the one that is more experienced out of the two spirits and gets engaged to Hsui Xien (Wu Hsing-Kuo) she plans to have a child with him so she can complete her passage she has to undertake. The green snake (Maggie Cheung) isn’t quite sure of what she thinks of human world and doesn’t understand the benefits of it. The two snakes then start to build a successful life for themselves by starting a medical practice in the town but things take a turn for the worst when their enemy, a Buddhist monk called Fa Hoi (Vincent Zhao) when he abducts white snake’s husband because he thinks it is his duty to keep the world in natural order. The snake’s attempt to recuse Hsui Xien end catastrophically when they use their magical powers to try and stop the monk but then cause a serve flood in the region.

The film is hard to get your head around because in our western culture we aren’t use to the idea of spirits in different animals and them having magical powers and with subtitles it’s quite easy to lose the essence of film because the words and what’s going on don’t have the same power. I like the idea of something want to experience Human life but their idea of human life is quite different from the reality of actual human life but however it is a different culture to what I’m used to. If you like tales of magic and spirituality mixed in with mischief and love then this is a film for you, however if you’re like me and don’t really like films that are so different from reality you’d be better off giving this one a pass. 


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