Coventry Uni – Student Union Event Summer Party at Hush with DJ Nick Grimshaw (134MC)

BBC radio 1’s breakfast DJ, Nick Grimshaw came to Coventry University to DJ our summer party, as a fresher I had high hopes for the summer ball thinking it would be the perfect celebration for the end of year, a few drinks, getting dressed up but most of all a celebrity DJ plus it is the first time that an event like this was going to be held, especially as ‘Hush’ hasn’t been open that long.

In reality, the event wasn’t as successful as I thought it was going to be, the way the Student Union had been talking about it, it was going to be a massive party with tickets selling out fast, when in fact they had sold around 100 tickets and about half of those had actually turned up, meaning we had a big celebrity probably expecting a massive party, like myself, only to see a half empty club.

Nick was really good at what he did, from new party tunes from Rudimental’s ‘waiting all night’ to classic old hits, Jay Z’s ’99 problems’ and MIA’s ‘paper planes’ for me a fan of older music it was nice to be able to dance along and relive the beginning of my teens but then to also belt out the chart hits it was a real mix of music and Nick tried his best to bring the best party atmosphere to the tiniest party he has probably played for.

He, himself, is such a nice person, with celebrities they can be different in person to how they are perceived in the media but he lives up to his bubbly personality, giving people plenty of photo opportunities, pulling silly faces and actually talking to people, when I went for my photo he said “ I feel like I’m going to prom” as the majority of people who were there were girls in nice dresses.

I’m also surprised that he did a full set from 11 onwards as mostly when you hear of people doing DJ sets they come really late, only stay for an hour and then go home but he played all night!

The thing that let the night down was the fact of no people there, I think that was perhaps due to the cost of the tickets (£12 just for entry) and it was still in the middle of exams and assignments for some people meaning they chose to stay in and revise rather than go out for the night, if they’d sold the tickets a little cheaper and placed the event towards the end of May, Hush would have had more people and been THE ultimate way to end this year of University.

IMG_3649 IMG_3645


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