Coventry Uni guest talk with Rob Nothman (134MC)

Rob Nothman came into Coventry University to give a talk about his experiences as a sports commentator, with 25 years experience and 4 sony awards under his belt this talk was not to be missed as it was given by a true professional.

The thing I liked most about this lecture is that it was given by some one who is out there at the moment so some one that has the professional experience and could hopefully give some good advice even though I don’t want to go into sports commentary myself.

He talked about how with commentary you can’t be biassed, so even if you’ve commentating on your favourite team you have to control your excitement when something good happens for them, like if they score a goal for instance. You’re not supposed to show any over excitement in your voice and show the same enthusiasm for both teams.

Rob came prepared with clips for us to hear of examples of good and bad commentaries from over the past couple of decades and you could definitely define the difference between those who had kept there emotions out of their commentaries to those who were ‘excited’ to say the least that a team had scored, the quality of the commentary declines when you show emotion as it becomes hard to hear and understand because you get too carried away.

He also talked about how commentating can be a strain on your voice so you have to make sure your voice is well rested and also ‘exercised’ to last that long

He engaged with the audience asking questions for us to voice our opinions on the different commentaries being played and gave us the opportunity for any of our questions to be asked, overall it was a positive talk that got even the most sport hating person listening for advice.

The talk made me appreciate the importance of commentary because a commentator really does enhancing the experience of viewing sport, I can’t imagine, for example, watching football on the telly in pure silence without knowing what’s going on.


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