CUEAFS You Are The Apple Of My Eye Film Review (134MC – Cov Uni)

You are the apple of my eye (2011) directed by Giddens Ko is a Twainese romance film which follows a group of friends in their journey from young, high school attending teens to university graduated, job having, adults from the point of view of Ko Ching-Teng (played by Ko Chen-Tung) which shows the main focus of the film being the developing, almost relationship between, Ching-Teng and honor student, Shen Chia-Yi. (played by Michelle Chen)

The story starts out following the boys in their high school days: Ching-Teng, Lao Tsao,(Owodog)  Hsieh Ming-ho (Steven Hao) nicknamed A-ho, Liao Ying-Hung (Tsai Chang-Hsien) and Hsu Bo-Chun (Yen Sheng-Yu) nicknamed boner, for reasons that are obvious when watching the film. The boys are your typical high school boys, messing around in class and getting in trouble, in particular masturbating over their female teacher but the attitudes of the boys start to change when new honor student Shen Chia-yi (Michelle Chen) joins their class, proving popular with the boys of the class.

The film shows the blossoming relationship between Shen and Ko when he gets into trouble in class for her and she then repaying him with revision lessons. It shows the two of them bringing out a different side of each other that they didn’t know they had, with Ko becoming a smart student and Shen becoming more relaxed and not totally focused on studies. They then realise the special bond they have with each other as they begin to fall in love.

The story then moves on to the teens all being separated and doing different things with their lives with some of them getting jobs, some moving away and studying at university with this it then shows the struggle of Shen and Ko’s relationship surviving with them both studying at different places and when Ko does something stupid and starts fighting Shen decides enough is enough after a heated argument and they go their separate ways. A-Ho, Ko’s school friend, then sees this as his chance to tell his feelings to Shen after watching Ko and Shen’s relationship all these years, he feels that this is his chance and him and Shen start dating for a while.

Ko and Shen’s paths cross once again during an earthquake in 1999 when Shen calls Ko to make sure he’s ok even after not speaking for all these years its clear they still have feelings for each other but Shen is already engaged to another man so it is to late for their relationship. The group of friends reunite once more at Shen’s wedding and it’s a great chance to see where they’ve all ended up after high school and into their adult life. It’s a truly lovely ending with a hint of comedy.

With no previous experience of Twainese cinema, I found the film quite funny, even though it was in Mandarin with English subtitles, I could still understand the jokes made even if some of the more ‘funny’ moments are a little crude for the English cinema goer. The film itself has a lovely sentiment, with the message being that even when falling out of love with someone and drifting apart from people you can still be apart of their lives many years later. Overall it has elements of your typical Rom-Com with a unconventional ending.

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