All The President’s Men

I thought that the film showed the skills you require in the journalism field, like interviewing techniques such as pausing to allow the person you’re interviewing to fill the space with information, not pushing people for information, giving them the choice to answer so they are more likely to feel comfortable to answer the questions like the book keeper woman that didn’t want to answer but then they ended up talking for 6 hours. It also showed me that once you believe you have a story keep going with it, no matter how long it takes because if you believe in it and keep working on it you’ll eventually end up with a good story, as the time they first started working on the story until the time that Nixon resigned was 15 months but they still kept running with it. I thought the film was interesting to watch, as you got to see how the story developed but it was too long, they could have cut some bits out or shortened it.


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