Shannon is a Journalism and Media student and also a native of Coventry. when asked for an interesting fact about herself she didn’t really know what to say but thought the fact that she grew up in Coventry was interesting. Before deciding to attend Coventry, She attended interviews for Staffordshire & Birmingham universities. She thought that Staffordshire was a rubbish university so made her first choice Birmingham university before she had attended the Coventry interview. After attending the interview she realised that Coventry was the easy choice to go to as she liked the course and where she lives is only a 20 minute bus ride away.

Before attending university she went to the city college and studied radio production, the course made her realise that she wasn’t very good at making radio but liked writing for it so has set her goals for the future to follow the path of print journalism specialising in music journalism.

Shannon describes herself as shy. She sticks to herself meaning she hasn’t made many friends on the Journalism and Media course but from living in Coventry before attending the university she has been able to stay in contact with her friends as most of them have stayed local. Her friends vary in age from 16 to 22 so in some situations she feels young but most of the time feels old especially as one of her younger friends recently described her as “out of touch.”

During freshers week she went out twice, one of them being the St Trinians fancy dress night, but as she isn’t very good at getting up in the mornings she hasn’t been out late so she was still able to get up to come in for the introduction week. A foam party she went to was her most embarrassing moment because as she went to walk over to the bar in the club, she slipped in the foam which was up to her knees which caused her to slide all the way to the bar in front of everyone which although was embarrassing she can still laugh at it. She doesn’t have any tattoos, she told me that she was meant to get one but she chickened out of it.

The person behind the name


One thought on “The person behind the name

  1. Natalie Chisholm says:

    A nice first attempt, but it could perhaps be a little shorter. But over the course of this year you will learn more about writing for online and styles which will make everyone’s writing tighter and more concise. Could I ask one thing? Could you remove Shannon’s date of birth please? I think it’s better if we don’t post up that sort of information. Thanks, Natalie

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