Final Folio

Letter To Myself

Dear future self

In a year’s time you’ll have completed your first year at uni and hopefully just be starting your second. Within this first year I’d of hoped to achieved many things.

For the first year of the course I would like to achieve a 2:1. I plan to put more effort and time into my degree than my A-levels because as this is something I’ve chose to do so it should mean that I’ll enjoy it more. As a degree will help my professional career I need to put my all into it to be able to achieve my goals.

Although I am sure that I want to go into magazine journalism when I’ve finished my degree I want to be able to experience all types of media platforms in my first year so this way I can be sure of what I really want to do and set my sights on that goal, You never know, you might try something and decide that you like it more than the idea of writing for glossy magazines.

I’m going to try my best to actually stick to deadline and do all the work in advance as for both GCSE & Alevel I left everything until last minute and made life hard for myself, If I get it all done before deadline then if something isn’t right I’ll have lots of time to improve it plus sticking to deadlines is something I’m going to have to get really good at for journalism as it’s all about having things in on time.

I hope that by the end of the first year you’ve tried many new experiences and tried new things as this is your chance to start doing things the way you want to, for the first time ever you don’t have anyone to answer to, so go out, do what you want and be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Critical reflection for the cabinet of curiosities 

My cabinet of curiosities is a mix of all the things of all the things I like and dislike which reflect on me personally and also the way I hope to be professionally as well. I have including magazine front covers from Heat, Look and More magazines as these are examples of publications I want to write for in the future, They include things such as the latest fashions which is something I follow as I like to know what’s in and what’s not, articles about the culture I’m interested in and reviews on the kinds of music I like. These magazines reflect on me as a person as they show the kinds of things that are in and out and I like to fit in so I’ll try my best by following what these magazines say and do. I want to write for these magazines in the future as I can use my research and my writing to persuade the reader opinions on people and what they’re supposed to wear, who they’re supposed to like and what they’re supposed to listen too.

My dream job is to work for heat magazine which is why I’ve included many things from the brand in my cabinet, I like how since they’ve become a magazine they’ve branched into many different platforms which now include a website, a radio station and a music channel. It’s one of the most successful women’s magazine and I’d love to be apart of that, If I make it into a job in the company that’s how I’ll realise that I’ve actually made it as a journalist as I’ll have the career I’ve always wanted.

I’ve never had much interest in politics or the environment, which is why I’ve included it in my cabinet for what I hate. I feel as if they don’t try hard enough to appeal to young people, I think to get people interested in issues like this they should be introduced to it at a young age with kid’s programmes such as Newsround. If I ever had to write about politics I’d try my best so that it appealed to everyone.

Although my future career will involve writing about all kinds of celebrities I hope by that point that the fake ‘reality’ stars are no longer classed as celebrities because as much as I love flicking through the pages of a magazine it fills me with disgust when I see that they’re filled with stories about ‘TOWIE’ & ‘Made In Chelsea’ falling out of clubs or which fake reality star is with which other reality tv star, these programmes are fake which are producing fake celebrities and the fake news that follow them, they shouldn’t be filling pages of magazines that’s what their so-called tv shows are for!

Throughout this reflection I’ve talked a lot about celebrity and popular culture but another field I wouldn’t mind getting involved in is things to do with crime and crisis. I find myself gripped to stories such as the on going search for Madeline McCann and even at a young age I can remember being gripped on the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman story. You never know which way these stories are going to turn and I’m always gripped to find out what’s going on next because as a journalist you’re always research and looking for new information and new stories and with cases like kidnappings and murders your information could help in solving the crime or helping with the situation, in a way a job as a journalist could also double as a detective as your looking around for clues and evidence to piece a story together.

The continuing theme that runs through my whole cabinet is that everything in it gets people talking whether it be global news such as things to do with politics, murders and kidnappings or just minor news such as which celebrity was caught doing what, it’s all in public interest which is what I find the most appealing thing about journalism is that you are the one reporting that public interest, creating a talking point with your research and your words. It’s also like as a journalist you’ve got the duty to do it as well, be truthful what you say and let the public make up their own minds.


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