The Big Question

For my final module at Coventry University, We were asked to film youth council members on their opinions of the recent election for The Big Question Event, taking place in Coventry on June 10th 2015.
I worked as a reporter and sound operator. I also helped set up the filming equipment and decided the placement of the cameras.
The full interview can be seen here:



Work Experiences

Days 1-10

For my first placement I worked for a local newspaper in my home area called the Lynn news, which covers Kings Lynn & West Norfolk.

On my first day I was introduced to the members of the team and got told what my role would be whilst I was with the paper.

My tasks during the week were to mostly do the picture/caption stories which are little stories, mostly made up from charity fundraising and activities going on in the community, that the photographers go to take the pictures and we, as the journalists, find the stories

I was chucked into the deep end by having to ring people on my first day, I was given my own desk, computer and phone. Being shy I found ringing strangers intimating at first but once I had rang my first couple of people I soon got into the swing of it.
The office was busy on the first day as it was the day before the newspaper got published so it was deadline day.
Some of the work that I did on the first day made it into the Tuesday paper so I was pleased that my work was good enough to make it.
During the first week I was invited to follow one of the reporters to a press day of a completed English heritage restoration project, it was here I realised how important shorthand is to reporters as it is really hard to listen to what people are saying and write down at speed so you need shortcuts.
Out of my two weeks this is one of the projects I enjoyed the most as we were out of the office and spending time in a different environment which is why I wanted to go into journalism in the first place as I didn’t want to spend everyday doing the same thing. During the second week I had to do pretty much the same in my first and had to do picture caption stories, however I did get invited into editorial meetings to discuss what to put on the 3rd and 4th papers that were produced whilst I was working there. I also got to write bigger stories, one of my proudest achievements was a story that made page 3 of the paper about a man, who was extremely disabled, that cleaned up his local park for free. All I got to go from this story was a short press release and I had to do lot of phone calls and emails to try and track down the man and after a few days I managed to get an interview with him over the phone.
With two of my picture caption stories that I produced in the second week I had interview people in person as they came into the office, both of these people got quite emotional talking to me about their experiences which showed me that I had to show empathy as a journalist so people can open up to you more.

Over my time at the lynn news I did on average 8 stories a day which the news editor was pleased about saying “no one on work experience has ever got through the amount of things that you have got through” and that if they were looking for a junior reporter I was exactly what they were looking for. I was also invited back any time I wanted to do more work experience.

Days 11-21
For my other work experience I wrote on my own beauty blog ( I had set this up as a side project for me to do in my spare time this year but with my personal circumstances changing during the 201 process I wasn’t possible for me to complete another placement with a company. 
I spent most of the beginning days planning what I wanted to write about. I decided that I mostly wanted to review different products and tell readers my thoughts on what I use and what I have recently brought, I also spent hours on the internet searching for different products I wanted to try that I hadn’t seen on any beauty blogs websites. This came at a huge financial cost to me as I had to buy lots of these products I wanted to test and have spent over £200 on various things. I then had to wait for things to come in the post before I could try them out. Once I got my products most of my days were spent testing things which was a fun part as I got to use things that I love as part of work which is one of my goals for a future career to love and care what I am writing about.
I then decided to try and post a new post every week, usually on a wednesday so that readers would know when to expect my posts, I learnt that the use of hashtags are very important in promoting work as people search these hashtags on the internet and then come across blogs and that is how you gain your readers. 
I would of preferred to have gained another placement with a professional company but by blog writing it has allowed me to explore the area that I want to write in and to see what it takes to maintain your own blog and how much work goes into a blog post rather than just the writing. 

Sherbourne Crime with Inspector Dayle Speed

In Sherbourne and Bablake there has been a recent surge in car theft and burglaries. New cases are reported every day.

The twitter account for the ward (@BablakeSherborn) tweets new cases reported and everyday there is at least one new case reported a day.

Why are there so many car thefts? Well if the tweets are anything to go by cars are being left unlocked over night, with 11 being left unlocked just on one street.

Overall burglaries are down from this time last year with forty less burglaries being reported, however car theft is on the up with no signs of it stopping soon.

There are over 100 crimes reported a month just in the area of Sherbourne with the majority of them being car theft and burglaries.

We spoke to Inspector Dayle Speed who is in charge of Sherbourne ward for tips to keep your home and your cars safe.

In terms of figures Sherbourne is the 12th safest ward to live in out of 21 wards in Coventry, making it relatively safe but it still has relatively high crime numbers.

So remember to check to see if your windows are locked in your homes and for your cars make sure all valuables are hidden away or take them out of the car so that potential thieves are not attracted to your car or home.

Hopefully with the tips that Inspector Dayle Speed has given you will be able to keep your homes and your car safe and less attractive to thieves.

Mystery Man Article

A young boy was found in Coventry not knowing his real name or age. He was discovered in the Pool Meadow bus station after catching a bus from London to Coventry, it was here that he sought help when he recognised a language that someone in the bus station was speaking. The young man is thought to be a victim of human trafficking and was put in touch with the Coventry refugee and migrant centre on Bishop Street in the city centre. The young man can speak basic English but can also speak Urdu and Hindi.

Paul Wheeler, of the refugee and migrant centre, said that the centre doesn’t know how long he has been in the UK, the young boy has some memory of being in the UK since he was six because that’s what he was told by “the lady.” He also told the centre that he wasn’t allowed outside and he didn’t go to school. Paul also went on to say that when he was asked about what happened when he was in the house in London with the lady, the young man got very nervous and didn’t say anything else about it. He either doesn’t know or doesn’t want to talk about his past.

Bopinder Basi, The chief executive of the refugee and migrant centre, said that the boy’s case was very unusual as it’s not very often people don’t know what’s happened to them.  He said that in first time in a decade the young man is the first person not to have a story but he did go on to say that it is not unusual for them to receive someone who had significant trauma.

The centre, on average, help over three thousand people a year and their clients come from over seventy different countries and speak over one hundred different languages. The many members of staff work together with lots of different authorities to try and integrate the clients into Coventry’s society

The charity Safeguard, which help the most vulnerable, are now protecting the young man. The centre is also working with the homeland office to try and help him find his identity and his origin.

Mystery Man Turns Up In Coventry

Rosie Floyd reporting on a mystery man that turned up in Coventry not knowing his name or his age. Good interview despite sound equipment going wrong so out of sync with images

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Editoral Experience afternoon at Bauer Media House, Peterborough (6TH June)

Recently I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend an editorial experience afternoon at Bauer Media in their Peterborough base through the GoThinkBig website ( for those of you who don’t know about GoThinkBig it’s a “site that helps young people get a foot on the career ladder” and provides lots of different opportunities in many different fields for young people aged between 16-25 so if you’re looking to have an experience in something you dream of doing then I’d definitely take a look!


Bauer Media Sign

Also for those who don’t know what Bauer Media is then it is a multi-platform UK-based media group consisting of many companies based on the two major media fields of Magazine and Radio. Bauer Media is part of the Bauer Media Group, Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group. The Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. I hope now that this gives you an idea of how big this opportunity was as I’ve dreamed of working in magazines since I was about 12 and to be offered an insight of what goes on in an average day for an editor was like a dream come true.

Coming from a place not so far away from Peterborough (A half an hour drive) I was surprised when I arrived to find out the other people on the experience afternoon had travelled from all over the country from Nottingham to Leeds, one even came all the way from Wales, it showed me just how much people want jobs in the magazine industry if people are willing to travel all that way.

The talk and tour was lead by Editor of Trail Running magazine,Claire Maxted, she started off by telling us how she got to where she was today, from what I gathered from her experience I realised just how important work experience can be as if you stand out on work experience and are remembered, the chances are they will stay in contact and will tell you of jobs coming up, if you were good at what you did there is also a chance that you will end up getting the job as they already know what you’re capable of. This lead onto a talk on how to write the perfect work experience letter, a cover letter for applying for a job in the industry and also a few tips for making us stand out to an editor, very handy for someone who has yet to dip their feet into the big pool that is the media industry.

We also got to go on a tour of the Media House which let me see exactly what goes on when you’ve got a magazine to put together, it made me realise just how many titles Bauer produce, there was over 50 and that’s just in the Peterborough branch! Peterborough plays host to more of the specialist magazines, from magazines about cars and motorbikes, fishing and pets, trail walking and running, golf and football. There were plenty of things going on so working for a magazine will always keep you busy and I found out that companies will give you free products to try out in a hope of getting some form of advertising in your magazine which is pretty cool, like all the people who work for motorbike magazines get brand new bikes every 6 months to try out so they’ll put them in the magazine and when 6 months is up they get given another bike, it’s crazy! All the other magazines had loads of freebies in their sections of the building, the golf magazines even have their own indoor putting green just to test out different clubs and balls. Judging by the offices and the people in them working for magazines is a lot of fun.

We had talks from other editors from lots of different magazines and who all took very different paths to get to where they are, some of them had degrees and some of them didn’t, some didn’t have any experience in journalism at all, they just had a passion for a certain subject and just started writing about it but they all said the same thing it’s the best job they could possibly have, they all mentioned they get to travel, they get to meet famous people and sometimes their idols, they get to have fun at work and for me that sounds like the best part of the job, one of the major things that draws me into working for magazines is that no two days are the same which must be fun because it can’t even get to the boring stage if you’re doing something different all the time.

From this experience it’s made me more determined to go out and grab the job of my dreams, working my way up to one day become an editor and it’s given me an advantage over others that are trying to get into the industry and haven’t attended an afternoon like this one as I now know what editors are looking for from an application.

I know I need to GOTHINKBIG.

The group at the end of the day

The group at the end of the day

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Uni Vs Home

Now I’ve moved back home from uni for the summer it got me thinking about the pros and cons of being in both places, each has it’s positives but which life really is best?

Things that are great about uni:
– I’ve met all these new lovely people who I’ve spent so much time with that they may as well be family.
– I can come and go as I please, as I don’t have to inform anyone when I’m going out, what I’m doing, who I’m seeing etc… so no one will cares if I roll in at 4 in the morning after a heavy night because the chances are my flatmates are the ones stumbling through the door behind me
– I can do whatever I like, so if I want to go to bed in the early hours of the morning and not wake up until late afternoon then I will.
– Total independence, fending for myself
– There is always something going on in a city, I never find it boring as I can always find something to do, even if it is just walking into town and window shopping, it still feels like I’m doing something.
– For the summer I’ve got plenty of places to visit during as I’ve got loads of friends scattered all over the country.

The things that aren’t so great about uni:
– When all my flatmates have assignments to do and need to be locked up away in their rooms, it did get lonely, not like at home as even though you could all be busy you still see and talk to family members where sometimes at uni you can go days without seeing people
– The feeling of running out of my student loan and not being able to do anything that costs money… (unless you got into your overdraft like me but that’s not something I’d recommend)
– Missing family events, like a birthdays, as I had lectures and couldn’t get home

My flatmates

My flatmates

My Course friends

My Course friends

Things that are great about home:

– FREE FOOD, looking in the fridge or the cupboards and they are usually full to the brim with every kind of food imaginable and I haven’t had to pay for any of it!
– Catching up with old friends, yeah we might not stay in contact as much as we used to but when we meet up its like nothing’s changed
– Driving around in my car, I didn’t take my car to uni with me so being back home is great as I can just jump in the car and go somewhere, the possibilities are endless
– I can spend lots of time with my boyfriend as we live close to each other rather than 50 miles apart

Things that I hate about home:
– With no student loan I can’t spend the whole time dossing around doing nothing (Like I did most of the time at uni) I needed to go out get a job, earn some dollar and save for the next year of uni
– I have to do as my parents say so no more lay ins until silly o’clock and no dossing around, I have to be productive.
– You have no choice but to see people you don’t like, with me being in a small village everyone knows everyone and you can’t help but see all the people that you didn’t keep in contact with
– Being in the middle of no where, like I’ve just mentioned I live in a tiny village so it is a bit off the grid with nothing but trees and fields surrounding me.. BORING.

My home friends

My home friend

Me and my boyfriend, Matt

Me and my boyfriend, Matt

Although I’ve got all my comforts back at home, like my car and free food, I really miss uni life. I like not having to rely on my parents for stuff and doing whatever I like, whenever I like. I just really love having my own independence which I feel like I’ve been stripped of now I’m back home. Uni is definitely one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

University life: 1 Home life: 0

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CUEAFS Green Snake (1993) Review

Green Snake is a Chinese Film by director Tsui Hark is a film based on the story of two snake spirits that have taken human form to experience the things that are only available to humans, such as love, freedom and wisdom.

White snake (Joey Wong) is the one that is more experienced out of the two spirits and gets engaged to Hsui Xien (Wu Hsing-Kuo) she plans to have a child with him so she can complete her passage she has to undertake. The green snake (Maggie Cheung) isn’t quite sure of what she thinks of human world and doesn’t understand the benefits of it. The two snakes then start to build a successful life for themselves by starting a medical practice in the town but things take a turn for the worst when their enemy, a Buddhist monk called Fa Hoi (Vincent Zhao) when he abducts white snake’s husband because he thinks it is his duty to keep the world in natural order. The snake’s attempt to recuse Hsui Xien end catastrophically when they use their magical powers to try and stop the monk but then cause a serve flood in the region.

The film is hard to get your head around because in our western culture we aren’t use to the idea of spirits in different animals and them having magical powers and with subtitles it’s quite easy to lose the essence of film because the words and what’s going on don’t have the same power. I like the idea of something want to experience Human life but their idea of human life is quite different from the reality of actual human life but however it is a different culture to what I’m used to. If you like tales of magic and spirituality mixed in with mischief and love then this is a film for you, however if you’re like me and don’t really like films that are so different from reality you’d be better off giving this one a pass. 

Coventry Uni – Student Union Event Summer Party at Hush with DJ Nick Grimshaw (134MC)

BBC radio 1’s breakfast DJ, Nick Grimshaw came to Coventry University to DJ our summer party, as a fresher I had high hopes for the summer ball thinking it would be the perfect celebration for the end of year, a few drinks, getting dressed up but most of all a celebrity DJ plus it is the first time that an event like this was going to be held, especially as ‘Hush’ hasn’t been open that long.

In reality, the event wasn’t as successful as I thought it was going to be, the way the Student Union had been talking about it, it was going to be a massive party with tickets selling out fast, when in fact they had sold around 100 tickets and about half of those had actually turned up, meaning we had a big celebrity probably expecting a massive party, like myself, only to see a half empty club.

Nick was really good at what he did, from new party tunes from Rudimental’s ‘waiting all night’ to classic old hits, Jay Z’s ’99 problems’ and MIA’s ‘paper planes’ for me a fan of older music it was nice to be able to dance along and relive the beginning of my teens but then to also belt out the chart hits it was a real mix of music and Nick tried his best to bring the best party atmosphere to the tiniest party he has probably played for.

He, himself, is such a nice person, with celebrities they can be different in person to how they are perceived in the media but he lives up to his bubbly personality, giving people plenty of photo opportunities, pulling silly faces and actually talking to people, when I went for my photo he said “ I feel like I’m going to prom” as the majority of people who were there were girls in nice dresses.

I’m also surprised that he did a full set from 11 onwards as mostly when you hear of people doing DJ sets they come really late, only stay for an hour and then go home but he played all night!

The thing that let the night down was the fact of no people there, I think that was perhaps due to the cost of the tickets (£12 just for entry) and it was still in the middle of exams and assignments for some people meaning they chose to stay in and revise rather than go out for the night, if they’d sold the tickets a little cheaper and placed the event towards the end of May, Hush would have had more people and been THE ultimate way to end this year of University.

IMG_3649 IMG_3645

Final letter to self (134MC)

Hello again
So you’ve made it to the end of the first year, you should be so proud of yourself! You’ve managed to survive to the end without killing or majorly injuring yourself (HIGH FIVE)
Although you haven’t done as well as what you’d have liked in your work you have coped quite well with your worst grades being at the time when matt’s dad was in hospital, a very stressful time but again you survived, you made it through and still came out with a pass in 135, I think that’s what you should be most proud of, the time when it’s probably been the most stressful and emotional and you had all this other stuff to cope with, being a support for Matt and yet you still came out with a pass. well done you. As for journalism itself you’ve been presented with so many opportunities to explore different things this year and to your surprise the law module was by far the most difficult but the one you’ve done well in so far, you perhaps won’t end up with the 2:1 you wanted but I like to think that you’ll come pretty close and for the first year that’s fine

You’ve met some truly amazing people from your flat mates to the ‘journo-girls’ even at your most low points you’ve been picked up and carried along by these people and you couldn’t really wish any more from these friends. In this whole year I don’t think you’ve laughed so much, smiled so much and just generally enjoyed your time so much ever in your whole entire life and you’ve got these people to thank.

Sure theres something you wished you’ve done differently but you’ve got to think of the many things you’ve accomplished and the different things you’ve tried, successfully producing many radio shows (with a few minor hiccups) which has now made you think that maybe going into radio for a future career wouldn’t be so bad even though your heart is still set on writing, you’ve learnt how to cook and not given yourself food poisoning, you’ve tried new places to eat and experimented wearing different things that you probably wouldn’t have done if you were at home still and I’m proud of you for making friends on your own considering most of your life you’ve not really had to make friends on your own.

I’m proud you’ve kept your relationship with matt, I mean I know you have had to do this whole uni relationship for matt’s first year already but it’s been different now you’re at uni too and it’s actually made it easier because you know when each other needs space whereas you didn’t understand that last year.

You’ve started on your own in Coventry and ended up as this whole different person with all these experiences and people

One thing you need to look at for second year is budgeting your money so you don’t end up in your overdraft again and perhaps look at using the library, you never know, you might actually check out a book :O

I know I’ve said it a lot in this letter but you should be just so proud of yourself for being the person you are today and making it on your own


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